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This work was supported in part by the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center program of the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DMR-9400334, the U.S. Army Research Office under contract/grant DAAG55-97-1-0366, a National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship, and an MIT Karl Taylor Compton Fellowship.

Clarendon Photonics, Inc., deserves special mention for funding development of the parallel version of MPB.

This project is also deeply indebted to the free software community for many invaluable tools and libraries, especially the GNU project (for Guile, gcc, autoconf, and other software, as well as its courageous leadership), the GNU/Linux operating system, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois (for HDF), and the LAPACK/BLAS developers.

S. G. Johnson thanks Dr. Matteo Frigo for his friendship, inspiration, and definition of "legacy code" as "any program written by a physicist." Dr. Shanhui Fan and Dr. Pierre R. Villeneuve endured endless interruptions by their group-mate and were generous with their patience and enthusiasm. Thanks to Dr. Douglas C. Allan of Corning for pestering (and bribing) me to bring the program to a usable state, and his colleague Karl Koch for being the first beta tester.

Robert D. Meade deserves credit for writing a predecessor to this program that was used in our group for many years. Although it does not share any code with MPB, his software blazed our algorithmic path and formed an invaluable baseline for testing.

This project would not exist without the tireless guidance, support, and encouragement of Prof. J. D. Joannopoulos of MIT. Thanks for letting me do things my way, John!

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