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MIT Photonic Bands
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Here you can download the source code of MIT Photonic-Bands package. First, though, please consider subscribing to one of the mailing lists.

(It goes without saying that we will not sell or give your email address to anyone else...we hate spam, too.)


Downloading MPB

MIT Photonic-Bands 1.5 is the current version of MPB (see the MPB release notes to find out what's changed). You can download it from:

Be sure to look at the installation section of the manual. MPB should work on most any Unix-like operating system, but you may need to install a number of other packages first (e.g., BLAS, LAPACK, HDF5, Guile), as described in the installation instructions. Also, see below for additional notes for specific systems.

MIT Photonic Bands is free software under the GNU General Public License; see the MPB License and Copyright section of the documentation for additional information. Note especially that it comes as-is with no warranty (see the license for more details)

Precompiled MPB packages

Installation of MPB can be much easier on Debian GNU/Linux, where all of the prerequisites can be fetched automatically. If you haven't settled on a Linux distribution yet, I highly recommend Debian.

MacOS X users can get MPB via a Debian-like interface by using Fink, which now includes an MPB package thanks to Aurelien Chanudet.

Installation on Windows

It is possible to install MPB under Windows by using Cygwin, a free Unix-compatibility environment for Windows.

One MPB user, Robert Hovden, wrote a brief guide on installing MPB under Cygwin that should be helpful.

MPB on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The latest, pre-installed versions of MPB and Meep running on Ubuntu can also be accessed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) as a free Amazon Machine Image (AMI). To access this AMI, follow these instructions.

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