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Welcome to the
Nanostructures and Computation Wiki
at MIT!

This is a wiki for the research groups of Steven G. Johnson, John D. Joannopoulos, and Marin Soljačić at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The purposes of this wiki are threefold:

  • Document the computational software that we have developed for nanophotonics research.
  • Give our group members an easy way to post information about their work.
  • Provide a place for us to easily list upcoming meetings and events of interest.

Free computational software

  • MIT Photonic Bands (MPB) — electromagnetic eigenmode solver
  • Meep — finite-difference time-domain simulations
  • Harminv — extraction of complex frequencies and amplitudes from time series
  • libctl — Scheme/Guile-based scripting of scientific code (used as the interface for MPB and Meep).
  • h5utils — visualization of HDF5 data files
  • NLopt — nonlinear optimization library implementing many different optimization algorithms
  • Cubature code for adaptive multidimensional integration of vector-valued integrands via the Genz-Malik algorithm.
  • Faddeeva Package: computes the error functions of complex arguments (via the Faddeeva function).

See also FFTW, our FFT software.

We also have a list of Free nanophotonics software in addition to the programs developed at MIT.

Research at MIT

Currently, most of our research descriptions are in non-Wiki format. See:

How to edit

Note: account creation has been disabled for the time being due to spam; contact Steven G. Johnson to get an account. You do not need a wiki account to download the software, and to ask questions about the software it is better to post on the mailing lists.

First, you must take a few seconds to register for a user name and log in; anonymous edits are not permitted on this Wiki. Then, click on the edit button at the top of the page. We use the MediaWiki software, which is the same as the Wiki software that runs Wikipedia — detailed instructions on how to edit and format pages can be found at:

The Wikipedia Help Pages.

To practice, try editing in the Sandbox.

You can link to a Wikipedia article by prefixing "w:" to a link, as in w:Photonic crystal. Users looking to write general articles not specific to the MIT software should go to (e.g.) Wikipedia instead of here.

MIT users should contact Steven G. Johnson to obtain administrative privileges, so that you can protect pages on your personal work from editing by the general public.

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