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Hi everyone,

I am a Meep user. I had installed parallel Meep. And when I tried to run it, I got some error messages.

"MPI process rank 0 (n0, p15663) caught a SIGSEGV in MPI_Comm_size"

"Rand (0, MPI_COMM_WORLD): Call stack within LAM:"

"Rand (0, MPI_COMM_WORLD): -MPI_Comm_size()"

"Rand (0, MPI_COMM_WORLD): -main()"

Could anyone help me to solve this problem?

My Linux kernel version is 2.6.9-5, MPICH 1.2.7p1, meep 0.9

The error message is for LAM, and yet you say you are using MPICH. Maybe you are mixing the two MPI implementations in incompatible ways? In any case, please ask Meep questions on the Meep-discuss mailing list. —Steven G. Johnson 15:25, 19 Apr 2006 (EDT)
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