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Casimir calculations in MeepCiting MPBCiting Meep
Citing NLoptColor tables in h5topng
Cubature (Multi-dimensional integration)Current events
Cylindrical coordinates in MeepExploiting symmetry in Meep
Faddeeva PackageFree nanophotonics software
Guile and Scheme links
H5utilsH5utils release notesHarminv
Harminv installationHarminv release notesLibctl
Libctl Advanced User ExperienceLibctl Basic User ExperienceLibctl Developer Experience
Libctl IntroductionLibctl License and Copyright
Libctl User ReferenceLibctl manual
Libctl release notesMEEP
MIT Photonic BandsMPB Acknowledgements
MPB Data Analysis TutorialMPB Developer InformationMPB Installation
MPB IntroductionMPB License and CopyrightMPB User Reference
MPB User TutorialMPB downloadMPB manual
MPB on DebianMPB release notes
Main PageMaterials in Meep
MeepMeep AcknowledgementsMeep C-plus-plus Reference
Meep C-plus-plus TutorialMeep Download
Meep FAQMeep InstallationMeep Introduction
Meep License and CopyrightMeep ReferenceMeep Tutorial
Meep Tutorial/Band diagram, resonant modes, and transmission in a holey waveguideMeep Tutorial/Local density of statesMeep Tutorial/Material dispersion
Meep Tutorial/Multilevel-atomic susceptibilityMeep Tutorial/Near-to-far-field spectraMeep Tutorial/Optical forces
Meep Tutorial/Ring resonator in cylindrical coordinatesMeep Tutorial/Third harmonic generationMeep acronym expansions
Meep downloadMeep field-function examples
Meep manualMeep release notes
NLoptNLopt Algorithms
NLopt C-plus-plus ReferenceNLopt Deprecated API ReferenceNLopt FAQ
NLopt Fortran ReferenceNLopt Guile ReferenceNLopt Installation
NLopt IntroductionNLopt License and CopyrightNLopt Matlab Reference
NLopt Python ReferenceNLopt R ReferenceNLopt Reference
NLopt TutorialNLopt manualNLopt on Windows
NLopt release notes
Parallel MeepPerfectly matched layer
SandboxSynchronizing the magnetic and electric fields
The MPB ManualThe libctl ManualThe run function is not a loop
Units and nonlinearity in MeepYee lattice
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